Technical specifications


Danfysik 350 kV Implanter

Installation of the 350 kV Danfysik 1090 implanter was made in 2003-2004. Originally, only one beamline was set up, including a beam scanner and a target chamber loaded from a clean room environment and used for implantations. More recently two scattering chambers for ion beam analysis have been installed, one general purpose chamber and one dedicated to time-of-flight medium energy ion scattering (ToF MEIS).


Available ions

· The whole periodic table is available and also molecular ions.

· About 30% of the elements have been used so far.

· The ion source operates in sputter, oven, or gas mode, to ensure high currents.


Energy range

· 1-350 keV singly charged ions.

· Below 20 keV we use a deceleration stage at the target chamber (DECEL).

· Higher energies are available if multiply charged ions are used.



· Doses (fluency) in the range of 1×1011—5×1016 cm-2 are readily available.

· Lower doses are available, but requires dedicated dosimetry.

· Higher doses are also available, but typically requires very long implantation times.

· Dose homogenity better than 5%.


Implantation temperatures

· Normally nominal room temperature implantations are used.

· Hot chuck for wafer sizes up to 100 mm makes implantation up to 650 °C possible.



· Carousel sample holders for 50, 100 and 150 mm standard wafers are available.

· Sample holders for a multitude of other sample shapes and sizes have been manufactured in our workshop.

· Samples are mounted with tape, clamps, or screws.

· Angled implantations are possible.

· After implantation, the sample are packed in sealed plastic bags in the clean room.